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Top 7 reasons to love high quality butt plugs

I was still unfamiliar with different types of sex toys at age 19. I had an excellent collection of products like a vibrator, a dildo and a pair of handcuffs. However, I had searched something special with an aim to explore my sex life in different aspects and get sexual pleasure as maximum as possible.  I decided to buy and use the most modern sex toy one afternoon I passed by a leading sex toy store in the West Village, NY.  I loved having my butt played in unusual ways and arousal of my sensitive elements in and around the butt. However, I’d never used a butt plug. I’ve bought a leading anal training kit. This kit had three graduated anal plugs with different sizes.

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I lubed up my small plug and inserted it and looked at the mirror. The base of the plug was peeking out from between my butt cheeks. I felt erotic and excited. I never get such experience with my dildo and vibrator. I understood how to avoid possibilities of problems associated with inserting sex toys too far inside the anal and losing them inside.

Definitely, a butt plug is different from a vibrator or dildo. Even though many sex toys are designed for anal use, a butt plug is a good option to experience the maximum anal sex pleasure.

In general, a plug is particularly designed to go and stay in as long as its users like it. You can keep a plug in inside or a plug in and out as per your wishes about in and out sensation of the dildo or real penis. There is a tapered shape in the small at the top, large in the middle and slim at the neck of the plug.

Users of anal plug can wear it for a long time. They will be happy when they wear it throughout the duration of their playtime and going out with this anal sex toy inserted all night.

Every butt plug is different in terms of the material, design and size. You have to be conscious on pros and cons of butt plugs made of PVC and jelly rubber core. Poor materials of these sex toys lead to hormone disruption soon or later.

The following details reveal you why I love butt plugs and assist you make an informed decision to use a butt plug.

Versatile butt plugs

Everyone can use a butt plug regardless of the gender and sexual interest. The maximum concentration of nerve endings is directly depending on the anal opening level. A small butt plug gives the maximum pleasure when it is inserted at the shallow depths.

A breeze to prostate stimulation  

You may have a male sex partner and seek how to enjoy anal sex further. You can use a long butt plug and stimulate the prostate in different ways. This is worthwhile to prefer curved and firm anal toys for p-spot pleasure. Users of this butt plug easily achieve and maintain a good pressure on the prostate at a constant rate as opposed to the real penis or fingers. An outstanding prostate stimulation makes a different pleasurable sensation from penis stimulation externally. You can get 100% satisfaction when you use a butt plug and your partner plays with your dick at the same time.

Enjoy G-spot action

Everyone can indirectly stimulate the G-spot when they have a vulva. They can use the butt plug to do it. The G-spot is the thin lining used to separate the anal and vaginal canals. Once you have used a butt plug in a proper way and enjoyed the G-spot stimulation, you can get an outstanding assistance as expected. Many couples use the butt plug during the vaginal intercourse for maximizing the sexual pleasure. Men and women enjoy a lot in this sexual fun. This is because the butt plug creates the subtle pressure against the shaft of the penis and makes the vagina full to make the penis-in-vagina sex pleasurable in all aspects.

Be gentle at all times

Every user of the butt plug has to properly be got to wine and dine their butthole before using it.  This is advisable to play with outside of the butt by using a butt plug before focusing on entering the butt plug. A good warm up is vital to make any penetrative play as enjoyable as possible. You have to understand and keep in mind that the rectum is more delicate than the vaginal canal. The sphincter is made of two rings of muscle. You have to be careful to control to the outer layer of this sphincter. You may suffer from this muscle’s tense related problems. These problems usually happen when you feel anxiousness. You have to be ready to explore your body in particular butt cheeks and anal. You will be happy to enjoy the anal stimulation and sex with this butt plug.

Advanced-user-friendly design of vibrating butt plug

Liberal application of lube  

You have to slather it in lube before inserting a penis, toy or finger in your ass.  The butt does not self-lubricate unlike the vagina. Experts in the anal play these days use and recommend a thick and water based or silicone lubricant. This is because a thick lubricant is longer-lasting than a thin lubricant.

Avoid numbing creams  

I frequently explored whether numbing creams and sprays are worth using. I always respond with an emphatic “No and Stay Away”. You have to bear in mind that pain as well as discomfort are natural signals of the body. If these signals indicate, then you have to slow down your anal play and focus on how to get pleasure without pain.

Be in a comfortable position

I love to recline every time I insert a butt plug. I place some pillows behind my back and pull both legs back a bit. This is because an easy way to access my butt. You will be comfortable when you prefer the doggy style position every time you use a butt plug. You will get 100% satisfaction when you lower yourself down onto the butt plug.